Network & Email Security

Many organizations view computer security as unnecessary or overkill. The fact of the matter is computer security is vital in the protection of networks from data breaches.  Data breaches cost organizations more than just the stolen data.
Data breaches also cost:

    • Lost client/customer confidence
    • Fines for non or insufficient regulatory compliance
    • The organization’s reputation
    • Lost revenue

If an organization uses the internet to conduct any portion of its business, that organization is a target for hackers. The reasons range from testing hacking skills to exfiltration of data by competitors. Malware also plays a major role in the battle of computer security. There are many types of malware that can compromise an organization’s computer security such as:

    • Keyloggers that record and transmit typed data (login credentials to the network and/or bank accounts) to malware developer servers.
    • Backdoors that allow free passage in and out of your organization’s computer systems.
    • Ransomware, which encrypts system data forcing organizations to pay for the data to be unencrypted. The problem is often the malicious attacker does not unencrypt the files and the money paid is seldom recoverable.

RMTS performs the following:

    • Security audits including vulnerability and penetration tests and provide recommendations on remediation.
    • Provides system security solutions designed for YOUR organization.
    • Autonomous Breach Protection, an automated and proactive threat monitoring and asset management solution.
    • Deception technology deployment.
    • Provides email security solutions such as anti-spam, anti-virus, data loss prevention (DLP), email security assessments via simulated phishing, spear phishing and whaling campaigns.
    • Email security training.
    • IT security policy consulting, reviews and development.
    • Regulatory and industry compliance assessments.