As many organizations are becoming increasingly mobile and more work is performed away from the office, virtual machine (VM) infrastructures and Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS) are becoming more popular. RMTS is able to assist your organization with transitioning to a hosted solutions that meet your organization’s requirements. We will create either a partial or full VM infrastructure for your organization as well as implement team collaboration solutions to assist streamlining communication among personnel. We virtualize either servers, desktops or both. VMs provide many benefits. Such as:

    • Accessing company systems from anywhere an internet connection is available, which is pretty much everywhere.
    • Attend meetings even when team members are in disparate locations.
    • Increased computer system security.
    • Lower system maintenance costs.  Less frequent need for hardware upgrades.
    • Less power consumption. Less hardware on premise means less power required.
    • No more OS updates and patches to be concerned with on the hosted virtual systems.
    • Standardization of applications. A base image is used to create as many systems as needed. Everyone receives the same application updates/upgrades.
    • Reduced complexity of disaster recovery.
    • Scalable. Only pay for what you need.
    • Having less maintenance to perform, the IT department can focus on more important issues.

If your organization does not have an IT department, RMTS can manage your VMs for you.