Microsoft 365 & Dynamic 365

Microsoft 365 (M365)

Looking to move your organization’s Microsoft Office suite to the cloud? RMTS is also a reseller of Microsoft 365. Microsoft 365 allows the ability to access the Microsoft Office suite via an internet connection. Microsoft 365 works similarly to the desktop installed version. Documents, spreadsheets and presentations can be created and edited with the same ease. Microsoft 365 also facilitates greater collaboration as the files are saved on the cloud server and access can be granted to others allowing changes to be made in real-time. Microsoft 365 is cloud server based which reduces local system resource requirements. Another advantage of Microsoft 365 is it constantly updates automatically thus freeing up time for administrators to focus on more pressing IT tasks. Looking for additional features such as data retention and threat protection, Microsoft 365 has you covered there as well.

Dynamic 365 (D365)

Looking for Customer Relations Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions? RMTS is also a reseller of Dynamic 365 (D365). D365 is a Microsoft CRM and ERP solution that provides:

    • Better customer engagement.
    • Improved efficiency of business operations through integration of CRM and ERP.
    • Automated processes such as billing and customer follow-ups.
    • Improve employee workflow.

By streamlining your organization’s customer relation processes, your organization can better meet the needs of its customers/clients while cutting costs.